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Reno Pack was created in 2010 as the solution to a problem – our clients needed a simplified apartment renovation process. A process that removed the hassle of dealing with multiple trade contractors and product suppliers; which often resulted in communication breakdowns, mistakes and delays. Reno Pack is now a one-stop apartment renovation solution with in-house designers, product specialists, project managers and tradesmen to save time and money in all areas.

Working with reputable brands we use our wholesale buying power to pass the savings onto our clients and it’s all here for them to choose under one big roof.

Although we welcome our clients to visit us in our dedicated apartment renovation showroom at any time to browse and speak with our staff, we have a specialised process we have outlined below to give you a good understanding of the steps involved:

Our Process


    Have a chat with one of our Estimators who on receipt of your floor plan, will discuss your requirements and recommend an appropriate starting package for your apartment renovation. As we specialise in apartment renovations, we have a wealth of knowledge and data on costs from the hundreds of renovations we have carried out in the past. We use this information to provide you with a meaningful Preliminary Quote, Scope of Work and Material Selection Presentation which gives you a good understanding of the level of fittings and fixtures we have allowed for at this stage. As we have refined our process over the years, we do not need to attend site to provide you with all of this detailed information at the start - this allows you to make an educated decision on whether Reno Pack is a good potential fit for your apartment renovation needs before progressing further.


    After receiving our Preliminary Quote, Scope of Work and Material Selection Presentation and if you think Reno Pack is a good potential fit for your apartment renovation, we will then arrange to meet you on site which is still obligation free. At this site meeting, we will work through your Preliminary Quote information in more detail. Here we can adjust the Quote to better suit your specific needs, design and budget requirements, technical aspects, measurements and site conditions and allows us to provide you with a Revised Quote for your apartment renovation.


    Once you have received our Revised Quote and if you would like to proceed with Reno Pack for your apartment renovation, we invite you to come in to our showroom (if you have not already visited us). Here we go through your Revised Quote and Scope of Works one last time to confirm you are happy with everything and to explain the whole process from here in finer detail. At this meeting we would also sign the contract and discuss any due diligence and compliance requirements such as licences, insurances, warranties, variations, invoicing and the apartment renovation approval process. Once the contract has been signed, we would also obtain the Home Warranty Insurance Certificate for your apartment renovation.


    If your apartment renovation involves a wall opening or removal, we will make arrangements for our Engineer to attend site to inspect and provide a report on the structural works. We have worked with the same Engineer for over a decade now and we are experienced in carrying out structural works in-house for our clients. This Engineer’s Report would be required prior to applying for renovation approval from your Strata / Body Corporate.


    This part can be tricky but we are very familiar with the procedure and the changing nature of Strata requirements and by-laws. Once the contracts have been done and we have secured your Home Warranty Insurance Certificate and Engineer’s Report (if required), we will prepare and provide you with communication templates and documentation to assist in applying for and obtaining Strata / Body Corporate approval for your renovation works. Once you have submitted your application to Strata, we are also here to help you secure the necessary approval as soon as possible. Once your renovation has been approved, we will further assist by notifying your neighbours about the upcoming works and dealing with the building’s common property while your apartment renovation works are being carried out.


    Once the contracts have been done and whilst you are obtaining your Strata / Body Corporate approval, we will book in your material selection appointment with one of our in-house designers to help you choose materials, colours and surfaces to suit your needs and personal style. Once you have signed off on your material selections and obtained your Strata approval, we will order these materials and our designer will also design your kitchen and any custom joinery with you so that we can get these ready to be sent to our factory for production.


    Once you have signed off on your materials/joinery designs and received Strata approval we will lock in the start date to suit. You will then be handed over to one of our experienced Project Managers who will become your day-to-day contact, they will notify the neighbours in your building of our start date and will run your project from start to finish. Your Project Manager will keep you informed of progress at every stage of your apartment renovation as well as dealing with any unforeseen issues promptly and professionally.


    Upon completion of the works, our cleaners will attend to your property and prepare it for final handover. You will meet with your Project Manager onsite who will return your keys and walk you through the handover. We’ll discuss maintenance of products, who to contact in the case of any future issues or warranty claims, and answer any remaining questions or concerns you may have. Welcome to your new home!

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